Industrial & Commercial Concrete Flatwork



  • Industrial/Commercial
  • Freezers/Floor Drains

Specialty Concrete Floor Systems

  • Ductilcrete
  • Millennium Concrete is the leading licensed installer of Ductilcrete. Ductilcrete slab systems provide the following benefits vs. traditional flooring systems
  • Increased load bearing capacity allowing the ability to eliminate rebar reinforcing and reduce the profiles of conventional floors.
  • Increased joint spacing – joints are typically spaced at column lines leading to less joint fill and less joint maintenance down the road. 
  • Reduced curling and slab profile
  • Significantly less differential shrinkage


  • Park 130 – Lebanon, IN. 
  • Ameriplex 4 – Indianapolis, IN.

CTS Komponent Shrinkage Compensating Cement Additive

  • Komponent is blended with Portland cement to create ASTM C845 – Type K cement used in shrinkage compensating concrete. Komponent is engineered to minimize or eliminate drying shrinkage cracking and improve the overall dimensional stability of the concrete. Conforms to ASTM C845 – Type K, used to create Shrinkage Compensating Concrete (ACI 223). Tested in accordance with ASTM C845, C806, C878.


  • US Cold Storage – Medley, FL.
  • Tyson’s – Macon, GA. 


  • Concrete paving 
  • Slip form curb and gutter